Scientific activity

Areas of scientific activity

Biophysical analysis of specific intermolecular interactions of proteins and ribonucleic acid (RNA) fragments in translation, mRNA splicing and intracellular transport.

Chemical syntheses and biological functionality in gene expression, of oligonucleotide mRNA 5' cap analogues.

Development and application of relaxation, and computer symulation, methods, in structural, dynamic, and functional studies of biopolymrers and characteristic of some selected biomolecular systems.

Development and application of large-scale molecular modelling and bioinformatics.

Identification and characteristics of the ligand structures in enzyme active centres by emission spectroscopy; mechanisms of enzymatic activity of purine nucleoside phosphorylases and thymidilate synthases.

Structures and spectral properties of plant thylacoids.

Biophysical basis of purine nucleoside phosphorylases activity; synteses and biological studies of the inhibitors of potential chemiotherapeutic activities.

Experimental techniques

molecular spectroscopy (UV-VIS, fluorescence emission, stopped-flow, NMR, CD), X-ray diffraction, molecular photophysics, electrochemistry, chemistry, enzymology, genetic engineering.

Theoretical methods

classical, Brownian, and quantum molecular dynamics, molecular modeling, quantum chemistry.


Standard instruments in the biophysical laboratory and modern equipment purchased from POIG projects:

  • Innovative Economy Operational Programme Priority 2. Action 2.1. POIG.02.01.00-14-122/09. Physics as the basis for new technologies - development of modern research infrastructure at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw - Biopolymers Laboratory
  • Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Priority 2. Action 2.2. POIG.02.02.00-00-025/09. Support of Formation of Common Research Infrastructure of Scientific Units. National Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Functional Nanomaterials - Analytical Ultracentrifugation Laboratory

Research groups

Studies of the macromolecular structure, dynamics and function in solution

Purine nucleoside phosphorylases (PNP): three-dimensional structure and molecular mechanism of catalysis

Role of 5' mRNA and 5' U snRNA cap structures in regulation of gene expression

Mechanism of action of selected biomacromolecules and their constituents, with the aid of absorption and emission (fluorescence, phosphorescence) spectroscopy, and kinetic methods, including time-resolved techniques

Translation initiation and intracellular transport: biophysics of protein and RNA interactions

Biopolymers Laboratory

Analytical Ultracentrifugation Laboratory