Biophysical foundations of mRNA - protein interactions in eukaryotes

m7GDP in complex with eIF4E.

People involved
Ryszard Stolarski 
Anna Modrak-Wójcik

Collaboration with (in Department of Biophysics)
Edward Darżynkiewicz
Joanna Żuberek

Further collaboration

Richard E. Davis, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Colorado, Aurora CO U.S.A.;

Joanna Trylska, Jacek Jemielity Centre of New Technology, University of Warsaw (CeNT)

Anna Niedzwiecka, Michał Wojciechowski, Marek Cieplak, Labolatory of Biological Physics (SL4), Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

Wiktor Koźmiński University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre (CNBCh)

protein factors eIF4E, eIF4G, 4E-BP, CBP
mRNA 5'cap
intermolecular interactions
molecular spectroscopy
analytical ultracentrifugation
thermodynamics of association and microcalorimetry
molecular dynamics and quantum calculations

Research interests

The investigations are focused on molecular mechanisms of specific macromolecular recognition in terms of physical interactions, as well as on thermodynamic stability of protein - RNA complexes in gene expression processes, i. e. mRNA translation, RNA splicing, and intracellular transport. In our studies we use synthetic, chemically modified mRNA 5’ cap analogues (collaboration with prof. E. Darżynkiewicz’s research group) and recombinant protein factors. The achievements in analysis of binary complexes composed of the cap and eukaryotic initiation factor 4E, eIF4E (murine, human. C. elegans, nematode) were based on a new method of fluorescence titration developed by dr. A. Niedźwiecka. This enabled to determine accurate values of the equilibrium association constants and the amounts of the active (nonenzymatic) protein. Determination the contributions to Gibbs free energy of the association from particular stability contacts inside the protein binding centre, and the thermodynamic parameters of association, enthalpy, entropy, heat capacity under constant pressure, led to a two-step binding model. Initial stabilization of the cap via the phosphate chain is subsequently enhanced by cooperative formation of cation - pi and hydrogen bond contacts. Analogous studies on the interactions of cap-binding complex CBC (CBP20 and CBP80 subunits) with selected cap analogues showed a crucial role of the second nucleotide (the first transcribed) as well as the diverse roles of three tyrosines in the recognition and stabilization of the 5’ mRNA terminus by CBP20. Differences in the specific binding of two caps, monomethylguanosine (MMG-cap) and trimethylguanosine (TMG-cap), by highly homologous eIF4E isoforms from nematodes and C. elegans were initially resolved by molecular dynamics simulations. The dual specificity toward both MMG-cap and TMG-cap vs. monospecifcity toward MMG-cap arises form dynamics of the loops at the entrance to eIF4E binding pocket. NMR experiments together with theoretical calculations of chemical shifts, coupling constants, and electronic charge distribution allowed to localized unequivocally on N(7) the additional positive charge in 7-methylguanine moiety, contrary to the previous model of the positive charge diffused between N(7) and N(9). Our present researches are more directed to ternary complexes composed of mRNA 5’ kap, eIF4E, and 4E-BP (4E binding protein) or large multidomain fragments of eIF4GI. In particular, by means of analytical centrifugation, the cooperativity of the two eIF4E binding sites was shown to depend on the sequence of incorporation the cap and 4E-BP1.

Selected publications

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